About Founders

The Dream Hair Collection., founded by Jamicca Fambro-Lewis and Jakika Fambro who currently serves as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, is a company that specializes in aesthetic opulence. Jakika personal experience with high-end virgin hair extensions extends over a decade; her passion for quality virgin weaves that shimmer in the wind has attracted the attention of many a casual observer -- often ladies who have felt unfulfilled by the inferior quality of their matted, beauty-salon hair extensions.

After observing for some time how friends and acquaintances continually had to install and reinstall their hair due to its limited life span and low quality – the stiffness and tangles, matted strands and mangled ends – Jamicca and Jakika decided to gather her friends together to discuss how the practice of “quality over quantity” could be both lucrative and luxurious.

Shortly thereafter, The Dream Hair Collection was born and she began supplying friends and acquaintances with high-end quality, premium virgin hair integrations. Soon her company had earned a reputation for excellence, and a movement was launched.

Today, The Dream Hair Collection.’s operational model reflects Jamicca and Jakika personal philosophy: “The Best isn’t everything—it’s the only thing.”

In order to maintain her extremely high standards, The owners has traveled abroad to personally contract the finest overseas manufacturers for her hair extensions—suppliers who refuse to compromise the quality of the hair they provide. While constantly motivating those around her to achieve new heights, Jamicca and Jakika works tirelessly to expand her community of clients and network of partners, to bring the radiant confidence of The Dream Hair Collection extensions to as many wonderful women as possible.

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