Applying /Removing Lace Wig

Applying/Removing Lace Wig
Step 1 Gather your application products and line then up for easy access. Prepare your hair by wrapping, pin curling or braiding your own hair.

Step 2 Clip back all the baby hairs on your unit to avoid cutting them by mistake. By applying fray block (optional) this will prevent your unit from fraying and also extend the life of your unit.

Step 3 Carefully cut extra lace around the perimeter of the wig to where the hair is knotted, being careful not to cut into the baby hairs. Take your time with this process, as you do not want to cut too much off. We recommend cutting a little at a time.

Step 4 Apply alcohol or cleanser with a make up sponge to cleanse your skin around the edges of your natural hairline. The aim is to remove all excess oils from your skin. We recommend a make up sponge VS the cotton ball, as the cotton ball will sometimes leave traces of the cotton in your hairline. Apply scalp protector to area to be bonded. Let dry.

Step 5 Position the lace wig on your head. Use an eyebrow pencil; lightly trace the hairline of the wig onto your forehead, this will help you to apply your unit exactly where it looks most natural.

Step 6 Using an application brush to apply adhesive just beyond your hairline as instructed by the lace wig adhesive manufacturer. Once the glue is ready (this will depend on the glue type) position lace wig on your head with hairline rolled back. Starting at the middle point of your forehead, bond wig to head by pressing down on one side, then the other, using the end of a tail comb. Bond front hairline first for lace front wigs, then the nape for full lace wigs. Use the back end of comb to press harder further securing lace front wig onto hairline. Allow time for glue to completely cure/dry before styling. (Usually 24 hours)

Step 7 Tie the edges of hair with a silk or satin scarf until glue has fully set / cured.

Step 8 Application with Adhesive/Tapes: Prepare the lace wig, hair and skin as previously mentioned above.

Step 9 Cut the tape into desired shapes and attach firmly around the perimeter of your unit.

Step 10 Position the unit on your head. Remove the backing of the tape in sections, a little at a time. Starting from the middle of the forehead, firmly press tape into skin with a tail comb.

Step 11 Tie the edges of the hair with a silk or satin scarf until the adhesive has set.

Removing Your Lace Wig

Step 1 Lace Release Gently pull the wig hair away from the area where you will apply the lace release solution. Spray the solution over the area you want to remove or you can dip a Q-tip in the solution and apply on the area. Use a small dropper if you prefer to use 99% grade alcohol.

Step 2 After applying the solution wait at least one minute. Be sure the wig is loose by running your finger around your head under the wig. Whether you used tape or glue adhesive you should now be able to gently lift the wig from your head.

Step 3 Lace CleanerClean your scalp and skin where the lace was taped or glued by using soap and water. Clean the wig lace by spraying a lace cleaner on the adhesive build-up. Reaction time may be one or more minutes depending on the build-up.

Step 4 Wipe or brush off residue, then shampoo and rinse the lace if necessary.

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